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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Didn't Mean to Offend

Hopefully I've not offended anyone by not posting in so long. Unfortunately, Father has had to go back to work, and has been unable to update for me. Let me bring everyone up to speed...

I am now a little more than four months old.

I have grown a considerable amount since my last post; I now weigh 15 lbs. 8 ozs.

I have cut two teeth, neither of which have come in as much more than little bumps on my gum, but, they are there, and that delicious-looking meat that Mother and Father eat all the time is coming closer and closer to being mine.

In my four months, I have only been sick one time. I had a mild cold about three weeks ago, but I'm better now.

Not much else to report on for now, check back, as I have had a word with my Father about his lack of updates to this blog, and that shouldn't be an issue in the future.

Saturday, January 29, 2005

Sorry I'm Late...

I had fully intended to write this, or rather, have my Father Big Mooley write this on Wednesday, January 26, when I was born, they do not, however, allow newborns internet access at St. Claire RMC. As far as my Father's involvement in the writing of this blog, you see my hands are quite small, and dictation is much easier than typing myself.

Moving Along...

It has been a rather interesting couple of days, lots of poking and prodding, and lots of people... I feel a bit like a football, having been passed around to everyone who cares to hold me. I enjoy the attention though, and to hear my parents and grandparents talk, you would think I'm something of an oddity. Apparently it's unusual for a child to enjoy being held, no matter who the holder might be. Well, most newborns are whiny and smelly, and have no vocabulary, and are on the whole quite silly...*sigh*

In any case, this little site is meant to follow my development up until I can type myself, after which I will most likely start a new blog. Until then, as I mentioned before, my Father will be assisting with most of the typing duties. And why shouldn't he? This whole thing being his idea†... I digress, to the point at last, my as yet brief adventures:

Last night was quite enjoyable. Mother and Father brought me home at around 7:30 pm. My Nana France and Mamaw Ison were both there, and after Nana left, Papaw Ison came and visited for a moment before taking Mamaw Ison back to their house. Then, at last, it was just Mother and Father and myself. We didn't really do too much. Father read me "Mister Dog", one of both his and my favorite books; Mother fed me several times, I like to eat; and otherwise we just lazed around all night and listened to Baby Beethoven and some VH1. A very good day if I do say so myself.

More posts are very likely to follow on a daily basis for at least the next two weeks. Father has taken a leave of absence from work in order to help Mother with the caretaking. I had to be delivered via Cesarean-Section as my umbilical cord was wrapped twice around my neck and tied in a knot. This has put quite a strain on Mother, but she is very resilient and was released from the hospital in just 48 hours. Anyway, thanks for reading and be sure to check back for more posts, and feel free to leave comments.

†a comment from the father: Baby Mooley (whose given name is Brandon) is a wonderful baby, just had to get that out of the way. He mentioned though that it was my idea for him to write this blog as he feels and show his daily growth; that credit actually belongs to The Reverend Dubya, a co-worker of mine. Just wanted to be honest. Thanks for reading!